Photographs are a record of our collective visual memory. They leave imprints, vestiges of our history, and bear witness to the events that shape our world.  In many ways, photographs are far more forceful than the stark nature of the written word.

Photography demonstrates the ability to actualize the typical appearance of the fragments of time that make up our individual and collective memory, helping us to understand who we are as individuals and as a society  from where we come.

The Photographic Archival Preservation Association (PAPA) is a movement established to collect, catalogue and archive unique photographic images of historic, contemporary, political, social and cultural importance by means of an archive that assures their long-term preservation.
Through the simple act of moving photography into a more worldly platform in which history and art become linked through the ideas of social sculpture, we are more intimately connected with our present, and fill in the gaps in our past.

GÜNTHER KOMNICK                                          THE BICYCLE                     

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